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Remote Login Support

Computer Creations NW can assist you from the comfort of your Home or Office while using Military Grade Encryption and Advanced Industry Standard Remote Log-in Technology from our Partner CCNW will send you a link to install software for Logmein Remote Access. After this is installed CCNW will be able to remote in with a live view of your issues. From the comfort of your home or office, YOU can watch and learn as CCNW fixes your issues. The cost of remote support is also at a 20% discount from normal Onsite rates, due to low over head and travel costs.

A GREAT FEATURE of remote support is the flexibility for continuous desktop & server support and there are additional add-on’s for a low monthly cost or for standard “call as you need us” support then you will find the convenience of using CCNW remote log-in support a financial savings for you and your business. With a few options for having a technician available at “nearly” a moments notice, CCNW Remote Log-in service will save you time, save you money and is a First Rate Professional Support Feature for the growth and security of your business.

Call Computer Creations NW Today so we can discuss your needs and get you setup for future Remote Support Log-in Access. Call 800-791-4856, ask for Troy Jasmin.



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