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Online Scam Protection & Tactics

Online Scam Protection & Tactics To Help You Stay Safe During The Holiday Season and Beyond

In today’s high speed technology driven world of online sales, services, financial institutions, entertainment, healthcare and more we need to step back and make sure we are doing the “best practices” at staying safe online and protecting our identity and our financial well being from hackers, fraudulent websites, software and malicious persons hell bent on making themselves rich at our expense. This document is a reference tool for some “basic” things we should all be doing and references to other resources that will really help you understand how and why this is so important, including the link for the FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crimes Complaint Center) Complaint Form. *It’s very important that you submit on this website if you have been a victim of an online scam, fraud or infection. This information below is taken from our friends at the FBI Scams & Safety Data and I have added notes to each section for better understanding.

Click Here To Download The Full PDF With All The Details and The Secure Safe Links


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